Patients Charter

Sherwood Lodge ‘Embraces Diversity’ and aims to promote anti-discriminatory practice.

You can expect to:

  • Be treated with respect as an individual, your needs and wishes taken into account in all decisions, which affect you, regardless of your opinions or diversity of background.
  • Be involved and be given the opportunity to contribute ideas and voice your concerns without fear of discrimination.
  • Be supported and encouraged to realise your full potential.
  • Be able to reside in a safe environment, free from violence, abuse and harassment
  • Be able to express your emotions without fear of stigma or reprisal and when ‘under the weather’, to be treated with care and consideration to ensure your welfare and treatment regime.
  • Be informed in an open and honest manner to enable you to influence any decisions that affect you.
  • Have your privacy and dignity respected at all times.
  • Be involved in your care plan review/s and be fairly represented in consultations that affect your treatment and care plan.
  • Have your personal records safeguarded and all staff familiar with the ‘Code of Confidentiality’.
  • Be cared for by staff who are prepared to challenge discrimination and promote diversity and who have an understanding of issues in relation to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability and most importantly your well-being.
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