Aims & Objectives

Established in 1983, Sherwood Lodge stands as one of the most experienced independent providers of Mental Health treatment in the South West of England, specialising in the care and treatment of adults with severe and enduring mental illness. We aim to provide 24hour nursing care on a residential basis within a ‘homely’ setting. It is our aim and firm belief that patients should receive quality treatment and care reflecting the National Service Framework for Mental Health (1999) and the Care Programme Approach (CPA). We are orientated towards the Principles of Recovery (NIMHE 2005) and a system of care that:

  • Focuses on people rather than services
  • Emphasises strengths rather than deficits or dysfunction
  • Promotes autonomy thorough enabling and promoting independence

We aim to effectively meet the complex needs of adults (aged 18yrs and over) with mental health problems on both a long and short term basis including those detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. We are registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we hold full accreditation with North Somerset Social Services. It is our aim that patients benefit from a staff group with the appropriate high level of skill, knowledge and experience, some within the NHS and all of whom promote person centred care. Our Registered Manager is a member of The Institute of Healthcare Management and holds a nationally recognised qualification in Managing Health Services. We are very aware of our duty and we aim to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff and recognise that this is particularly important when receiving patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. We aim for all staff to receive ongoing personal and professional development through in-house or external training provision. Patient safety and quality assurance are the cornerstones of the new regulatory system for Independent Healthcare (Care Quality Commission) and we place a high emphasis on both through our own Clinical Governance, including evidence based practice, clinical risk management and other essential skills.

We accept the management of risks as one of our fundamental duties and every member of staff has a real sense of ownership and commitment to identifying and minimising risks. We aim to undertake a pre-admission assessment of need, prior to the acceptance of any referral, with particular regard to the patient’s propensity to violence / self harm / suicidal behaviour. Where the propensity is high and constant it is unlikely that the admission will progress, as it is our aim to offer the ‘least restrictive environment’ whilst ensuring that detained patients receive treatment and care in line with our operational policy, The Mental Health Act 1983 and its Code of Practice (Revised 2008). We aim to assess and manage all potential environmental and clinical risks to ensure a safe environment is maintained for patients, staff and the general public whilst adhering to policies and procedures in line with the National Minimum Standards & Regulations for Independent Health Care. We aim to maintain and promote our close links with local Mental Health Trusts and other external agencies and work closely to ensure effective Mental Health Act 1983 administration. We recognise that we do not function in isolation and are strongly influenced by National Guidance in order to deliver a quality service. We aim to continue to invite and involve all patients, their relatives / carers and representatives in service development through our annual Patient Quality Standards Survey and house meetings. We also have a ‘Comments Box’ available at the entrance to our building which is regularly monitored by our Registered Manager. The visiting Advocacy service FRIEND, offer the opportunity for all patients to address their care provision, personal concerns and promote their Human Rights.

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