About Sherwood Lodge

Patient needs are considered as being medical / therapeutic, cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social. Their needs are identified through assessment and collaborative work with staff to develop their individual care plan.

We aim to be sensitive to patients’ privacy and dignity needs.We have a designated ‘women only’ lounge area. We respect that this remains personal choice, should a patient prefer the mixed living areas.

A strict ‘code of confidentiality can be expected at Sherwood Lodge and all staff uphold our information management policy and the Data Protection Act 1998. Access to patients’ clinical file is restricted only to those directly involved in patient care. All clinical files are stored securely.

Patient’s relatives, carers, friends and representatives are encouraged to visit regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible; staff will offer to assist the patient to respond where help may be needed.

The patient has the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected and upheld by the Nurse in Charge who will, if necessary, inform the visitor of the patient’s decision.

Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times between the hours of 09.00am and 21.00, avoiding mealtimes where possible. We respectfully request that visitors inform the Nurse in Charge of their arrival and departure from the building in accordance with Security and Fire Safety.

Sherwood Lodge makes every effort to support any patient in making and maintaining contact with family and friends by telephone and provides a coin operated telephone for this purpose.

Sherwood Lodge has an Activities Organiser responsible for the organisation of leisure, recreational or domestic activity designed to provide variety, interest and pleasure whilst enhancing the patients’ quality of life. The activities occur regularly either as a group or on an individual basis and may be undertaken in-house or externally. Sherwood Lodge has a mini bus. An identified Activities room is provided at Sherwood Lodge and patient’s art & craft work is often displayed throughout the building. An activity programme forms part of the patient care plan and is developed on an individual basis in consideration of likes and dislikes.

We also have established links with the local college for a number of suitable educational training courses.

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